Help us – Make a Difference in the Lives of People with Disabilities


There are Many Ways You can Make a Difference.

Pray - Your prayers and God’s blessing turn labor into ministry.  Please pray that those who receive wheelchairs will also receive God’s love.

Sponsor a Wheelchair - From donor to recipient (including, shipping, refurbishing, etc.) the cost of getting a wheelchair  to someone in Mexico is approximately $200.00.  That’s a low price to change to give someone mobility, and give them the opportunity to get out of their house, be active and independent.  You are invited to donate a wheelchair or sponsor one.  For those who donate  wheelchairs, if you’d like us to, we will send a photo  of the person who receives the wheelchair you donate.  Forever you have a memory of the life that was changed.  Please contact us via email, on the Contact Us page for more information about donating medical equipment.  You can also sponsor, or donate wheelchair, crutches, walker or cane online on this page.  Every donation, even the smallest, will be used to make a difference in the life of someone with a disability.

Make a Single Donation - You can go to the Donation Button, below, to sponsor wheelchair(s).  We are a 501(c)(3), federal recognized, non-profit organization in the U.S. and a registered non-profit in Mexico.  All donations are tax-deductible.  We provide tax deduction letters at the end of the year to all people who make financial donations and donate medical equipment.

Monthly Donations -  Ongoing, sustainable support is critical to be able to make an ongoing, sustainable difference in the lives of impoverished people with disabilities.  Wheelchairs breakdown, they need to be repaired and replaced.  Those with basic skills need support and assistance finding employment and maintaining their skills until they develop confidence.  In order to provide ongoing support to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in Mexico ongoing financial support is essential.  Go to the Donations button (below) for more information about how to establish monthly withdrawals from your credit card or bank account.

Volunteer – We encourage people to come to Mexico and work along-side us. You can make a huge difference in someone’s life by meeting them personally, giving then a wheelchair, encouraging then, and letting them know you care.  Without volunteers it is impossible to help the thousands of people who still need mobility.   You can come as in individual, as a family, bring your church, your club, friends or others in your community.  You can stay for a week or longer.  We provide comfortable, accessible accomodations.  Go to Meet Us In Mexico for a Volunteer Application or additional information about volunteering. Proceed to Download page here.

Shipping – One of the biggest expenses we have is shipping wheelchairs – from the owner, to our shipping location, transportation to Mexico, customs, brokers fees, etc.  If you have connections with people who do shipping within Mexico or the U.S. we would greatly appreciate your help.  If you have a wheelchair you would like to donate it would help greatly if you would pay for the shipment of the wheelchair.

General Donations – We have administrative, capital, construction and other costs that allow us to do what we do, nevertheless our promise to you is that your donated funds will be used for your intended purpose.  Go to the Donation buttons (below) to change someone’s life.

Frequent Flyer Mileage – Air fare mileage is invaluable resource that helps assist Mexican wheelchair athletes to fly to the U.S. to play in U.S. sports events, to assist volunteers who can’t afford their airfare to travel to Mexico.  Also, maintaining our ministry in Mexico while developing support in the U.S. requires trips back and forth for staff.  Richard & Hazuki St.Denis live in Mexico full-time to provide ongoing continuity and support for our Mexican school and staff, but trips to the U.S. are necessary. Donated mileage allow us to develop and expand our resouces in both countries.

No board of staff member receives a salary.

We are a certified, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization recognized by the I.R.S., and an Associacion Civil in Mexico.

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Donate a Wheelchair for $200

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